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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

XS-Snipers at ToorCon 9 and Black Hat Japan

Hey all, Nate here…

In the last two weeks we got the opportunity to speak at both ToorCon and Black Hat Japan. What an awesome experience! Rob Carter and I spoke about the research that our URI Use and Abuse research, including giving video demonstration of all of our exploits. Unfortunately, Billy couldn’t join up with us for the talks due to some other commitments, but he did manage to come out to Japan and got to hang out with us in Tokyo. Rob and I also discussed the future of URI use and abuse and where it is going next… *Nix… and Mac! Just wait till I buy my Mac Book and iPhone!

At ToorCon, Rob and I got to catch up with former co-worker Brett Hardin and had a great time hanging out with him in the Gas Lamp district. We also met Dan Kaminsky and had a chance to talk with him about research and share some Jager Bombs. The weather was amazing, and we were fortunate enough to fly out of San Diego right before the fires started coming. If you saw us present, I recommend you check out our Black Hat presentation below, which is the full version of our research. A lot of things had to be cut out for the 20 minute time slot we were alloted for speaking at ToorCon.

At Black Hat, Billy, Rob, and I hung out all week with Jeff Moss, Dominic, and the Black Hat Crew who treated us like kings, and got a chance to meet such industry renowned researchers as Billy Hoffman, Halvar Flake, and Kanatoko-san just to name a few. Tokyo was a stunning city, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, just skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see. We had a great time in Tokyo, and our presentation seemed to go very well. It was awesome trading war stories with Dom, Moss, Kanatoko-san, Hoffman, and all the speakers.

As promised to all in attendance at our talks, here is the source code to our DUH tools for both Windows and *Nix. In order to use these files, simply rename them to either .bat or .sh, then run them from the command line using either cscript.exe or /bin/sh. Thanks again and as always to Erik Cabetas for the help with DUH 4 Windows! See the Black Hat page in the coming weeks for our video demos, as these are not likely to work from the powerpoint slides. Our updated slides can be downloaded from here.

-Nate, Billy, Rob

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